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We fancy ourselves a REAL pizza joint, combining great atmosphere and mouth-watering eats. We make our dough fresh every day. We make our sauce from scratch and hand-cut all of our fresh vegetables. Then we top it off with fresh, quality meats & cheeses.
Make Your Own Pizza

Choose Your Own Toppings: Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Sausage, Beef, Sliced Meatball, Chicken, Bacon, Steak, Tomato, Onion, Mushroom, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Olives, Jalapeno, Pineapple, Spinach, Sweet Peppers, Artichoke, Feta and Basil

The Works Pizza

Smoked ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onion, mushroom, green pepper & smoked Provolone

Meateater Pizza

Smoked ham, pepperoni, bacon, sausage & smoked provolone cheese

Classic Veggie

Black olive, onion, mushroom, green pepper, Italian sweet peppers, tomato & smoked Provolone cheese. Try it on our Whole Wheat crust!

Buffalo Chicken

Spicy wing sauce & homemade Ranch dressing combo covered with mozzarella cheese & chicken strips

BBQ Chicken

Authentic barbecue sauce and tender chicken. A fantastic choice for our Crispy Thin Crust!

Alfredo Pizza

Alfredo sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and your choice of topping

Margharita Pizza

Olive oil, garlic & oregano sauce, mozzarella, fresh tomato slices and basil

Dave's Fave Pizza: Veggie

Our Dave's Fave sauce (olive oil, garlic & oregano) with sliced tomato and garlic spinach, topped with smoked Provolone cheese

Dave's Fave Pizza: Meat

Our Dave's Fave sauce (olive oil, garlic & oregano) with sliced meatballs & sausage, topped with smoked Provolone cheese

1/2 & 1/2

Select this item to create a pizza with two different half-specialties on it

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